Hi, I’m Marie from Essential Health & Harmony, I’d like to welcome you to my guided Forest Meditation.

As an Aromatherapist I love to use essential oils as part of my meditations as I believe they really enhance the process.

I would suggest using woody oils for this meditation such as Northern Escape Woodland Blend, Balance Grounding Blend, Siberian Fir, Douglas Fir or any other woody or calming oil you love.

Place a drop in your palms, rub your hands together and inhale the aroma, rub any residue on the back of your neck to help relax your neck muscles in readiness for the meditation. You can also diffuse these oils to create a beautiful, relaxing environment in your space.

This meditation is best done while sitting upright in your chair with your spine in alignment, our chakras or energy centres are in a vertical line in our body hence it’s not ideal to be slumped or slouching as this doesn’t allow energy to flow. After inhaling your oil place your hands comfortably in your lap, palms facing upward in the receiving position.

Enjoy this meditation anytime you feel you need to escape the daily routine and spend time in nature from the comfort of your home.

I hope you love your walk in the woods, you are welcome here anytime.

Thankyou for joining me.

Marie x

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