Hi I’m Marie from Essential Health & Harmony, I’d like to welcome you to my sleep meditation.

A restful sleep is so important to all areas of our wellness, it’s the time our body rests, heals and rejuvenates.

As an aromatherapist I love to use essential oils as part of my meditations as I believe they really enhance the process.

To promote rest and relaxation I would suggest oils such as Lavender, Cedarwood, Vetiver, a blend called Lavender Peace Restful Blend or an oil you find calming, you could diffuse any of these oils whilst meditating. I like to turn my bedtime diffuser on about half an hour before bed to create a relaxing environment.

You could also take your oil of choice and place a drop in your hands, rub them together and breathe in the aroma. Rub any residue on the back of your neck to help your muscles relax. Placing oils on the bottom of your feet is also useful, particularly on your big toes which are the reflexology points for your brain and can help you unwind.

You can listen to this meditation while lying in bed before you go to sleep or sitting somewhere comfortable just before bedtime, somewhere you won’t be disturbed.

After the meditation your body will be more relaxed and preparing for sleep, feel grateful to yourself for taking this time, have trust that you will have a peaceful sleep, slowly go about your bedtime ritual if not already in bed.

This can become part of your night time ritual for yourself, you are worth it.

I trust you have a restful sleep and thankyou for joining me.

Sweet dreams!

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